14 May 2007

Make your damn mind up!

One minute its pouring down to the point where im thinking that we are gonna get more floods, and the next its super hot and sunny. Right now its hot, slightly cloudy but generally nice, however this morning, and no doubt tonight when i get home, it will be pouring down with gale force winds hurling my polytunnels into trees of far away. I need to plant my onions, they are getting big. So I had a good weekend, how was yours? On Friday after work we jump started my car - the battery had no charge as it had been sat there another 3 months. So we took it for a little drive - I LOVE MY CAR, i will miss it! On Saturday first thing (up at 8... on a Saturday...) We drove to the garage, a whole mile away, and then walked back in the rain. I made soft boiled eggs with toast for breakfast, and then we walked back to the garage in the rain as my car HAD passed its MOT. Thats twice now! They said its well put together, which begs the question "Why sell this car when the other one is so shitty" - well, because this car is mine, and I need more money and less hassle. Plus it looks like a boy racer car and the insurance is phenominal. I seem to have lost my thought path so i will end with this. I am making an entrelac bag for my sister from all the Noro Kureyon i got for my mums bag in March. Entrelac is so easy, im suprised! I need to think about what to have for dinner - Thin pizza and salad is a favourite lately

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Knitted_Painting said...

I'm glad your car passed the MOT=) yeah the weather has been the same here it's nuts!
I've never tried entrelac it looks so confusing!