11 May 2007

Im still here

keeping on keeping on. So an update... Cars are stupid. Gardens are great when its not raining, and eating healthy is not so much fun! I dont want to talk about the cars. Morvens has been in the garage for 2 fridays AND its booked for next tuesday, Ford doesnt know whats up with it, its expesive and bad! My car is getting MOT'd tomorrow, hopefully it will pass as i have done approximately 12 miles since last year (actually more like about 1000 but still, thats not much really in the life of a car. If it passes tomorrow (if it starts tonight HAH!) then tomorrow night i will finish the paintwork and it will be in the papers for sale by next week. Oh i need to buy new fog light lenses firs - theres always something. So anyway im gonna be doing car things this weekend, and also planting onions. Still waiting for the goat keeping family to take the big concrete thing down from our garden. Ive been eating healthy for 2 weeks now, mostly healthy anyway. Ive had salads and healthy options for lunches and baked potatoes with healthy toppings or general healthy stuff for dinner, ive cut down snacking a LOT, and ive only had 2 desserts in 14 days, and also a piece of cake at work today as someone left and i wanted some lol. I feel thinner, my clothes are slightly looser, i just need to keep at it for a couple more weeks and then i may consider the dreaded exercise. At work ive been clearing my desk of all the stuff that keeps on piling up, pissing my boss off, and generally getting on with it. Yay for me. I have to have one more filing day next week, one day updating spreadsheets and files, and then il feel like im ready for some sort of appraisal/meeting with bosses. Also, i have next friday off work, so does Mo, we were going to go to Eden project and camp nearby for a couple of nights. I hope it stops raining. i think summer is over. In knitting news, i finished a baby sweater and a baby cardigan, im starting a bootee or 2, and im going to make some sort of headband for morven. I need a haircut. I bought hairdye today because a: i fancy having lighter hair over the hopefully coming summer months, and b: i found a grey hair this morning - not good. I think il leave that at that for now as i want to go home!

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Knitted_Painting said...

ugh sounds like a stressfull time with the cars =( I hope it'll pass the MOT=)
hey I don't know if you like fruit, but I'm trying to eat healthier aswell and everytime I feel like having a snack I just grab an apple or a banana or pear... it makes me feel full(er) and atleast I'm not just sat there wishing for some cadbury lol