2 May 2007

All kinds of everything

Gardening I havent written in aaages, I apologise to my MANY(?) regular readers. I have been upto lots but I dont really remember much HAH! My vegetable beds are both almost full, I may have killed my lettuce and rocket (by I, I mean the heat, and by may, I mean actually did - some of it anyway). I put the big concrete structure on Freecycle, and a great family who keep goats are gonna take it down and take it away! Health Im going to cut down on bad foods, eat sensibly, and hopefully drop a dress size or two by mid summer. Im starting off by cutting excess fat out of my diet, and maybe start Pilates again, and maybe aqua aerobics if my swim suit still fits lol. The garden will keep me fitter too. Knitting Im currently making baby clothes for a workmates baby, im making a cashmerino aran raglan sweater (although from Patons Cotton Aran from my stash) and a cute little two tone cardigan from supersoft baby acrylic. I didnt want to use acrylic, but my budget cannot stretch to buy the Rowan Wool Cotton requested. Im making it in the 0-6 month size anyway so i think acrylic is fine, its easy washable, and it will be grown out of in no time. Im also finishing the jaywalker 1.5 - I promise... Congratulations!! I'd like to say congratulations to Laurie of Crazy Aunt Purl fame firstly for keeping a secret for so long, and secondly for getting a book published. I will be buying it, you should too! I would also like to say congratulations to Brynne and Christian on becoming parents for the second time with Pete, and to John for becoming a big brother for the first time! Anyway, as I am supposed to be working now, i'm going to update my favourite blogs list and get back to work. Have a nice day y'all.

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Knitted_Painting said...

hey you use freecycle too! we actually got a free mountain bike off there from someone who lives down the street lol!