17 April 2007

Feeling slightly better

Yesterday I was down. Today, not so much. I woke up with the sun shining in my eyes, I got up before Morven, and I didn't rush to get ready or anything and I still got to work 40 minutes early (we car share) but I'm not going to start working yet. I am the kind of person who doesn't like to be with people unless I want to be with people - not quite a loner, as I do like company sometimes, but if I dont want company, I really really dont. But I do like to escape the noise, go sit somewhere on my own, and knit, or sit on the computer, or just something other than be inundated by opinionated people. People who cannot differentiate between opinion and fact, and that go on and on and on for ages about something that doesn't even matter. I'm just a quiet person (yes really!!) and its how I've always been, and people around me need to realise that I'm not being antisocial on purpose, i just like my space.

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Knitted_Painting said...

It sounds like you're exactly like me then. I do like being with people, but only people that I know are my kind of people (I hope that makes sence and I don't sound stuck up). I tend to be quiet aswell as I'm quite shy and some people think I'm just not talking to them on a purpose and think I don't like them or something=\