29 June 2007

A few pics and bit of chit chat

Hello Faithful Reader! It has been a crappy week generally. What with the mass flooding etc. I got Monday off work which was nice, it went REALLY quickly though, and Tuesday onwards has been insane. The staffing crisis at work is getting more crisissy (I made that up) by the day. Our temp Building Supervisor left yesterday, the one he replaced leaves today (complicated - he didnt actually work as a BS anymore but still). We hope someone else is starting on Monday, otherwise nothing is going to get done. We have one Supervisor over 28 sites at the moment - not really fair on him. I would go and snag properties - im picky, but im not earning his salary so I have no intention of offering my services. Plus, I have to run the office side of things. We completed on a ton of houses this week, so I have been getting the handover information ready. 8 yesterday, 9 today, a LOT on Monday. And its never a simple matter of collecting things and sticking them altogether, I have to call the building sites, get lied to by the site staff, verify the lies at my office, call them back, send someone around there to talk to them in person, blah blah blah. Oh and there was a fire at one of the empty houses yesterday too, so I had that to deal with on top of everything else that got thrown at my desk. My desk is a mess! Also, our director went home sick yesterday, and the next we had heard, she had pulled over on a motorway and called an ambulance. So we hope she is ok, because she has a lot of stress to deal with and chest pains are never a good sign. But anyway, the weather is dry (here at least) - actually it rained last night but nothing like it was earlier in the week. Today is Friday, im going to do what I can today, but I am only one person, and this desk has 16 peoples work on it. I will start by prioritising - I mean, the director will be signed off for a while, the Head of Dept is on leave for 2 weeks starting Monday, so I can concentrate on the things that I need to get done rather than things that they want doing. So last night I went to Dunelm Mill, who had run out of black cotton :s So I bought a dark red to match a colour in the Noro. Tonight I need to go to Hobbycraft and buy wadding because it is cheaper there, and Morven wants to buy paint brushes, and I can look at all the yarn..... (but not buy any because I can get it cheaper from just about anywhere else) Then tomorrow we are thinking of going to Bristol, and we need to burn more garden waste, and hope that the shed lady gets in touch because her emails havent worked all week and she has missed 2 dates now because I cant get hold of her to say yes, come today. So anyway - my new phone camera does panoramic photos. Here is my favourite from last weekend: Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket and another one Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Its a total mess, but I do like our garden Anyway, please comment so I know you exist..... ps. blogger has cut half my photos off so please click on them for the full versions

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