28 June 2007


Well, since my last proper entry (when was the last time i knitted something?) I have sold my car - subject to the kid passing his driving test in 5 weeks time. I have kindof been offered a permanent job at work - just the contracts to arrange now, and i have fixed the mouse that carrot ate with the aid of duct tape. I also made a whole short n sweet bolero in 4 days for someone i work with. But i havent knitted anything in ages. I just havent felt like it. I feel meh. Im getting very stressed at home and cant wait to get this cabin up and running. Or ideally, we could just move out - but thats not a real option. Anyhoo, sorry for any promises of a real entry

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Senora Fuerte said...

We'll be patient. :)

I feel meh lately too.