8 June 2007

Mini Rant x2

Number 1. On Sunday, my mobile phone contract ran out. It was an 18 month contract with o2, because they are the cheapest with the best deals. However, I live in a forest in a valley, I get NO signal anywhere near where I live. So I decided to change providers to Orange, the only provider who has a signal in our area. There is a huge Orange (not literal) mast behind our house. So I picked a phone, picked a contract, and ordered my phone on Tuesday. I chose the anytime Friday option for delivery, as people will be home to take delivery. However, it is now 3:45 on Friday, I checked my email, and at 2:30 I received an email from Orange saying that my credit rating wasn't good enough on this occasion. This is fair enough, I dont have a permanent contract at work, and you can't usually get any kind of contract involving money on a temporary contract. But I am pissed off at the fact that they only told me at 2:30 today. I have had Morvens mum and Mike stay home ALL DAY awaiting delivery. They could have told me last night. What if I had taken a day off? I would have lost a whole days wages for nothing. And hi, i'm on a temporary contract, a 4 day week pays nothing! Number 2. My job is temporary! When I started here in November 2006, I was told that come April, they were hoping my job would be permanent. April came, and my Director told me that they had taken the issue to board, and my job had been approved as permanent. Its now June, and I dont have a permanent contract. Its shitty. I like my job, and I turn up anyway, but if I was on a permanent contract, I would earn approximately £5k a year more, have a total of 40 days leave a year, and I could do flexi time. Oh yeah, and I would be able to get a phone contract, a loan, a mortgage, or anything else monetary! And this phone thing today has just reiterated how annoyed I am! Anyway, not to end on a crappy note, I bought a pretty handbag and some new linen trousers at lunch. And I finished the main part of my sisters bag. But im stuck with the rest. I will try to remember to post pictures later Thanks for listening if you did!

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Senora Fuerte said...

Man, this sucks!! I worked 5 years at a job that I was told would go permanent and never did. Now I work for my dad. Talk about permanent!! :) I hope yours works out better than mine did, especially if you like it. The lack of days off was always my biggest frustration, too!