7 June 2007

I will Vs I'm going to (maybe)

Things I should be doing: I should be in work I should be earning monies I should be washing clothes I should be taking a shower I should be washing my car I should be waxing/vacuuming/polishing my car I should be writing an advertisement to sell my car Things I am actually doing I am contemplating all of the above I am blogging I am commenting on other peoples blogs I am taking an unpaid day off work I am knitting my sisters bag I am plucking my eyebrows I am taking pictures of random goings on outside I am generally slobbing around I am watching my ratties, and trying to work out if either of them ate a dangerous amount of epoxy resin hardener, or just enough to make the windowsill all icky. I am thinking about yarn and trying to think what yarn to use for arisaig

1 comment:

Senora Fuerte said...

Oh my gosh, this is exactly the kind of list I make all of the time! This I should do but don't want to, things I want to do but shouldn't because the things I should do haven't been done. Man, it's too bad I never met you when I lived in England!!!