6 June 2007

New idea for blog

I like comments. I read my comments, then I read the blogs of the people who leave me comments, then I read their comments, and the blogs of people who leave their comments etc. Its a great way of finding STUFF out. General things, and its nice to read about other people and see their pictures and stuff. Anyway, I found my way to Jon and Ambers website and blog - and the last couple of posts have been of work around their new house, and it got me thinking that I could start a new blog to show the progress of my garden and cabin. This would have been a great idea if I had started it BEFORE I started the garden, but meh. Its only the vegetable beds which are done (to a degree), and not the ACTUAL garden. Plus the cabin? Thats still in Estonia in the form of trees.... The current structure is now sans roof so we are finally making progress. So anyway what im gonna do is just post pics here, like I have been doing all along lol. Dammit I need to make these posts less pointless :) But hey, at least I posted, and that is progress!

1 comment:

Senora Fuerte said...

Will your cabin have log shaped walls or board walls made from trees? Either way, this sounds like an amazing and enviable project (love the tub, by the way--- yes I'm reading your posts in reverse order).