14 July 2007


I was ill, but now im not too bad. I had to have a couple of days off work, and when I got back, It seemed as though I had been away for weeks. SO. MUCH. WORK. So i've had a very busy week in work, and not done too much at home as i've been so tired. I did manage to get to my mums house last weekend, and I started knitting a laptop cover for Morven. Its just like a laptop size pocket, so I swatched and started straight away. Then when id done an inch of stockinette I realised that I would never finish it if it stayed so boring, so I found a chart for a jolly roger and put a couple of intarsia pirates on there. I'm impressed with my intarsia, its very neat and tidy. This morning I finished the main part, cast off half, and I just need to do the last 4 or 5 inch in back and forwards knit and purl. Its the purling that slows me down, I do that English (throw) style which just takes an age compared to knit knit knit in the round. Anyhoo, I got my invite to Ravelry, which is nice, im settling in, sorting my lists out. I realise that i dont take enough pictures of my knitted stuff. I couldnt remember what I had made until I saw other peoples versions and then I realised I had made that but never took a picture. Anyways - Its saturday, feels like sunday, which is good as I have tomorrow off work too. Then Im in for Monday, I have an all day conference Tuesday, im off Wednesday and Thursday, and back in on Friday. Im dreading the Friday - 3 days off work..... The place will probably burn down without me. I should be happy that my workplace needs me, but its actually just a burden. One day I will be permanent, and i'l get 8 weeks holiday and I will be scared to leave for that amount of time. Before I say anyway again, I shall go. Nothing really meaningful to say at all....

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