2 July 2007

List #75124

  • Saturday we had no electricity until after 4pm
  • Saturday at 4pm I had been queuing in the traffic for Cribbs Corner for about an hour
  • Cribbs Corner is NOT worth an hour of queueing
  • Saturday night I dont remember
  • Sunday I had two showers
  • Sunday morning I forgot to dye my hair
  • Sunday afternoon we spent £30 at a farmers market and I have no idea what we bought, except apricot icecream that barely tastes of apricots
  • Sunday evening we took the roof off the shed
  • Sunday night, Morven had something in his eye Sunday night I went to bed too late
  • Monday morning, Morven still had something in his eye
  • Monday mornings are evil.
  • My eyes hurt and everything is blurry
  • I have a headache
  • Monday lunch, Morven went to hospital to have the thing taken out of his eye
  • Monday afternoon I want to go home and sleep, possible until Thursday.

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