23 July 2007

Okay okay thats enough now

I'm getting sick of this now. It has barely stopped raining since Thursday night. You know all about the disaster of trying to get home on Friday night. We didnt leave the house all weekend except Sunday to walk to the river to see how high it had got. It was over, and the water was about a foot or 2 deep in the road. Some idiot drove straight into it at full speed and his car cut out. He did it on purpose so I hope the car is still there. I saw on the news today that the water there is higher. They say its going to get higher still. That isn't the worry though. The worry is that half of Gloucester is without power and water. My work was closed today, not that I even attempted to get there. I phoned someone I work with. He bought a generator and has some bottles of water and a bathful for use around the house. They are now saying there may be no water for 14 days!! Another work friend said the water is 4 feet from her door and she has no sandbags. No one has any sandbags. We were just saying a couple of months ago that it was weird that her insurance company asked if she lived on a flood plain, when it had never been an issue before. She has no water or electricity and is just sitting it out. The real worry is that the water is inches away from going over the flood defences in Gloucester city centre. The whole city might be underwater if that happens, which will probably be tonight. The army and fire service are trying to keep the other power station dry, if they dont succeed, we will lose power too. We should be ok for water, but there is only one nearby shop to sell food. It's just a nightmare and i'm scared for my friends in the middle of it. Our housemate went to work yesterday morning and he had to sleep there last night. He made it home today but he did the worlds biggest detour and it took him hours. And on top of this I cant afford the time off work. Its all just very very shit. Updates can be found here http://thisisgloucestershire.co.uk/ Pictures here http://news.bbc.co.uk/

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Senora Fuerte said...

I hope it dries up around there soon! Take care.