22 July 2007

So... Did you hear about the floods?

That my friends is a 4x4 driving through 2 feet of water. We however didnt have a 4x4. We had a 10 year old Ford Escort with temperamental starting, severe over heating and generally all round crappy problems. I love that Ford Escort, because it got us home, through this 'puddle' and several more. The fan blew, and the water leaked a little into the driver side footwell, it smelled like it was about to blow up, and it got incredibly uncomfortable after SIX hours of queueing to get home (20 miles). But I love that car. Thank you Ford Escort! We will buy you a new fan as soon as the waters reside. Some people weren't so lucky, and had to spend time in shelters. All public transport stopped and a lot of the houses are flooded in town. We decided it was time to leave work when my co-worker took this picture at lunch:

We left at 3 and got home at 9pm. It usually takes 35 minutes.

On a lighter note:

I was meant to spend last week clearing my desk as our boss returned from holiday. I didnt have time, so I turned this: Into this > by putting everything in boxes under my desk. It LOOKS good if nothing else... I don't even know if we will be able to go to work tomorrow. We have 3 rivers and I think they have all burst their banks so we will have to play it by ear. At least the school kids start the summer holidays tomorrow!

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