22 August 2007


Monday I went to work feeling like crap. I worked my way through an entire box of tissues, almost choked to death on a sore throat lozenge (seriously, I thought I was gonna die - Ange is the first aider and she is on holiday! lol) and generally I felt bad. And I have no idea where this cold thing came from, I rarely get ill, and this was way more than the usual sniffles. So yesterday I took a day off. Well timed too, as I had the house to myself, and so I spent the day watching cooking and gardening programs and knitting arisaig, and when Morven got home he took me to the supermarket, where I bought cous cous (not that I was taken in by daytime TV) and lettuce and basil plants (again, NOTHING to do with daytime TV). And I made cous cous with seared courgette (zuchinni) and aubergine (eggplant) lemon juice, olive oil, purple basil and sliced tomatoes fried in olive oil and balsamic vinegar (almost set fire to the kitchen) and topped off with lemon and parsley smoked mackeral flakes. YUM! And do I have a picture? Of course I dont. I am useless at taking action photographs, plus the smoke in the kitchen from the griddle would have made everything fuzzy anyway. It was really nice though, and Arisaig is now about 5in long. BORING 2x2 rib is almost at an end - I predict around 20-25 more rows. I brought it with me today - cone of yarn and all, and it will probably stay under my desk all day. The needles are so tiny that I dont feel comfortable knitting in the car in case the stitches slip off, because I would cry if I had to do the ribbing again. Anyhoo, I feel better today and so I am back in work, albeit with a sore throat. Tonight if the weather holds up, I have some lettuce and basil to plant in the garden :) This vegetable growing is SO COOL! I ate tomatoes off the vine this morning, and my sweetcorn (corn on the cob?) is in flower, and I have runner beans, and marrows - I am going to stake my sprouts too lol so they dont blow over as the weather gets colder. I recommend this gardening lark to anyone who has a couple of square feet of soil in their garden, or even a balcony with pots (Im growing carrots in pots) I think I should take some pictures! I will try to remember!

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Laurie Ann said...

The Bleughs are going around. I got it on Friday, conveniently enough. But it sucked to be sick all weekend.