19 August 2007

La la la la la

I feel like my weekend has been wasted. Although I guess we have done quite a bit. Yesterday we went to the farmers market and I bought cheese and pastries and some nice bread, and we had a little car picnic in the rain, and then we spent the day driving all over looking for cars. We bought a new car today. A top end diesel Rover 218 SLD, same as Morvens last one but with 5 doors instead of 3, and the last one was a 216 petrol. We went all the way to Nottingham to pick it up (180 mile round trip) and the drive back was cool. Its already absolutely amazing on fuel consuption, compared to the 1.8 Escort we currently drive) On the drive back I saw someone knitting in a Fiat Multipla with a Scotland badge on the roof box. I was actually excited and shouted out loud and high pitched. Poor Morvens ears. I have 2 inch of back ribbing done for Arisaig. Its a bit of a slow go so far. Im getting really lazy on pics since my new phone (camera really, and it makes calls...) doesnt like connecting to the laptop and im too lazy to get the cable out every time, so no pics this time. Not much to show yet though. Im starving today, I really want to eat constantly :(

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