6 August 2007

Lots of things

Our first attempt at sushi

Well for once, I have a few things to write about. Maybe I should leave long gaps between posts more often.

I have been feeling generally 'meh' for a few weeks now. I felt useless during 'Flood Week' because I had nothing to do and I started so many knitting projects that my Denises interchangable case is all out of needles. Also, regarding flood week, I know I wasn't affected too badly by it, but I know people who were, and so when people complain and complain about one thing after another, it really pisses me off. My friends just got on with it without the complaining, feeling happy that they were alive and that they had water, despite it being in bottles, and that their houses and belongings werent destroyed. There were floods in Indonesia this week and at least 250 people have died, and I dont see them complaining that they have no water. One family on the news had been waiting to be rescued for 5 days on their roof! I think we all get a bit selfish sometimes and it just annoys me (piece said!) So anyway, my blog is now green. I do like green. And I was annoyed by the lack of decent templates on blogger. So I fiddled for a while until I was happier with it. I need to improve it though, its still boring. But brighter. Talking about green, my garden is looking good. After the rain and the floods (river running down garden and emerging out of the drive like a waterfall...) The peas had all fallen over, and the lettuce had gone to seed. So I picked the last of the peas and I pulled the lettuce out and composted it. I also weeded the entire plot, Morven burnt all the excess wood, and I replaced the lettuce with some peppers and a plastic cloche so the ground will heat up ready for the baby lettuce which is growing in the bedroom. I plan on planting it as soon as I get some marigolds to companion plant with it (to confuse the bugs) Talking about my garden, the cabin has not moved on in at least a month. The people taking it down are making up excuses after excuses about why they can't make it over, and its getting old. It needs to come down, and if it isnt down in about 4 weeks time, we are going to knock it down and use it for foundations. Possibly. Who knows. Its turning into a farce. Its going to be really good living on our own. We just had the house to ourselves for the weekend and it was lovely. So quiet. I actually went out on Saturday. My social skills are poor and are only getting worse, so I forced myself to go out on Saturday to a work friends bbq for her birthday. I am glad I went - of course I am, and it was good, I had a couple of drinks, talked a little too much, but it was a change, and it was nice, and it was even better coming back to a quiet house :) It is also sad that the house was quiet, as the only reason that everyone wasnt in, is because Morvens brother in law Seamus died unexpectedly last week and so Mike took Morvens mum to stay with Rachel for a couple of days. We went up on Sunday for an hour, but it seemed silly as we had never been there before, and had only met Seamus a couple of times. Either way, it is really sad to lose anyone aged only 37, especially someone who was actually a pretty nice guy. I think that will do for now. I could go on and on, but nothing else is really important. I have to send some emails to Meagan and Fiona because I have been a rubbish friend lately.

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