16 August 2007

Nothin but the truth.

I read a lot of blogs, I love getting an insight into peoples lives, and when I find a person I like, I read the history too. The people I like are the ones who share everything, and I want to be more like them. I dont actively lie on here, but I dont feel like im being my true self. I tend to talk crap, and no one wants to read that, people want gritty stuff, but I feel boring in comparison to the world. I like my simple life, a minimum hassle job, a vegetable garden, knitting, crappy simple online games when I get bored. I like to make things, I like to cook, I like to spend time just sitting and watching people go by. I think I fear stress. I like a little pressure, and I feel that my work day is quicker and more enjoyable if I have a deadline to meet, but I dont like stress, I dont like people who are loud or arrogant, who behave badly or cause problems. I dont care if people dont like me, but I do care if they dont tell me about it. I just like to know whats going on. Anyway, on to today. I have sold my car, about 2 hours ago. I have £1440 in my wallet to bank tomorrow which is great, a real relief, no more money problems for a while. I am also in fear that the people might find something wrong with my car and come back demanding money. Scary. On Monday we went to Sean's funeral, which was hypocritical, as funerals usually are, and some people were acting pathetically, arrogantly, stupidly, thoughtlessly etc. A typical funeral really. I found an American Shop afterwards and bought mini peanut butter cups. £4 ($8) a bag, which is bloody extortionate lol, but yum :) I also noticed that Americans seem to use a lot of things which come in packets, but I knew that, as I have read American recipes... Add a pack of this, and a can of this, and mix it with something from a bottle.... Not all Americans tho, I wont stereotype. Im getting pissed off at work and im thinking of looking for a new job, because this one STILL isnt permanent, and they are trying to change my job description when I havent even seen it yet. I will keep a look out, but for the time being, I like where I work and it is convenient. And I dont want to get interviewed for anything at the moment. Or ever lol. Anyways, tomorrow I am going to book an opticians appointment, and a hair appointment, and I am going to go buy some Urban Decay eyeliner, and maybe take Morven out for dinner. I bought him some birthday presents today and I will get something else tomorrow. Im also going to buy some knitting needles small enough to start arisaig. That'll do for now


Knitted_Painting said...

Hey Anne-Marie, how are you? I've been really busy ever since we came back from holiday.. I have actually posted on my blog though *huzzah*!
Yay for selling your car finally! I'm sure they won't come back for their money =)
I always feel like I'm too boring in my blog aswell.. other people always have so much too tell and they always seem to be very good at telling it and actually making it amuzing.. I wish I could do that too!

Laurie Ann said...

I'm a packaged food American (hangs head shamefully). If I had people to cook for other than myself I'd do better, though.