24 August 2007

New things are ace!

I just had my optician appointment, and it was actually pretty scary (considering I have had about 15 so far in my life, this was the worst one) And I panicked a little because I couldnt see most of the screens that were shown to me, and I was thinking oh shit, it all goes downhill from here, but then the optometrist said both eyes had improved slightly (same as last time). And so I picked 2 new pairs of glasses yay! (Buy one get one free) One pair is black, with mesh arms, the other pair (sunglasses) is lime green and purple. Purdy. My eyes are stupid and I have a severe astigmatism, so I had to pay £60!!!!! to get the lenses made thin enough for the normal glasses to fit in the purdy frames. Bummer. But cool, in a couple of weeks I will have my new glasses and I should be getting a call to go measure up for a contact lens trial. And a final w00t because it is August bank holiday on Monday - long weekend! And the weather is meant to be holding! So hopefully by Tuesday, I will have taken the roof off the old concrete outbuilding, weeded the garden, had the car 'looked at' and we will be all set for next week - The week when our new house foundations are laid!!!!!

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