28 August 2007

Three day weekend?

Quickest three day weekend ever. I had plans, but yet I managed to do nothing. On Saturday, me and Morven drove to Hereford to shop a little, and buy stuff for his car that was desperately important, apparently. I just wanted to look around TK Maxx but there was nothing I really wanted to buy. We dont have the room for anything anyway. In the afternoon, the handyman came over with his son to check on what work was needed for the foundations. I do believe they are starting today... It should take a couple of weeks and hopefully Morv will contact the log cabin folk today for a little redesigning. Anyway it was really hot, all weekend, like mid 20s (C) which made it too hot to do anything really, and made us thankful that this Rover didnt have leather seats like the last one - NOT nice in summer, although great for the other 51 weeks of the year in the UK. On Sunday it was even hotter, so we did nothing for a lot of it, I knit LOADS of the arisaig, well a couple of repeats anyway. And when the sun moved and cast shade from some trees, we sat out and sorted through old stuff from the shed, and me and Morv took a car load of stuff to the tip. The tip was so much fun! It has a box for everything! And the guys there pick nice stuff out and I presume they sell it. Monday we took Morvens mum to Cheltenham, and stopped off at the retail park on the way back. We didnt need to buy anything and we didnt want to spend any money, except on breakfast, but by the time we got there it was about 12:30 so we went to McDonalds for the first time in forever and got a free glass lol. We also went to Marks and Spencers and bought fish and sausages (for a bbq) and profiteroles. Then when we got back, and I knitted a little, picked blackberries from the driveway and the lane, and then started the bbq. Which was finished with 3 kinds of dessert! TOO MUCH! Anyhoo, it will be interesting to see whats happened at home when I get in tonight. We may have a wall, as part of our foundations, or my vegetable patch may have been annialated, in which case I will be chasing someone down with a sharp object! I dont like people messing with my stuff, even more so when I am not there.

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Frank said...

I remember that 'chasing people around with a pitchfork' when I arrived at our newly purchased home to find the construction guys didn't like the HUGE (car-sized!) bush that was in their way and cut it down at the stem. That annoying bush was a hydrangea plant!