2 September 2007


The title is nothing to do with this post, except to say that bloody hell, its September already, only weeks until Christmas lol. Well, only about 3 weeks until they start advertising Christmas stuff. Also, five days and counting until Morvens birthday. I need to book Friday off work to go to the safari park. So anyway, I have had a pretty busy weekend. Starting Friday night, I picked up a bike I won on ebay for just £36 (thats about $72 for my American counterparts) which I thought was a total bargain. And on Friday night we went to a great restaurant called Yaks and Yeti's which was really great, authentic thai/ghurka food. I had a really nice spiced lamb steak, and Morven had prawn glass noodles. It was a little more than we usually pay (Morven got paid) but it was nice to go somewhere a little more special than the usual pub with the 2 for 1 meal deals. Then on Saturday we spent hours, HOURS! doing random stuff. We had to pick up a hire van, get the Rover's exhaust fixed, take our recycling to the tip, SORT the recycling at the tip, since SOMEONE forgot and threw everything in the same bags! Then we went to some scrap yards, to find a couple of bits for the Rover, as it happens we managed to buy a rear spoiler (NOT a neccesity) and they didnt have the little piece of trim thats broken, or any spare key fobs. So ebay it is. I picked up a breadmaker that I got from freecycle. It is currently cooking some sundried tomato bread, and I finished off the afternoon sitting in the garden yesterday, watching Morven fix something in the car and playing games on the laptop, and taking random pics like this one.

Last night we went to see Transformers. Since it has been out so long, the only cinema showing it was 30 miles away in Cheltenham. We got half way there before realising we forgot to lock the door. Lucky we live where we live, as we got home late and everything was still here. Unless they just decided they didnt want any of our crap...

I think we will go for a bike ride this afternoon. We live in the forest, which is full of cycle routes, none of which we have ever been on before. Before we moved here we looked at all the tourist things we could do, and we have only done maybe 2 of them. I guess the novelty wore off. Also, I have lost my knitting mojo yet again! It comes in bursts so it should be back soon. With pics..... maybe.

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