14 September 2007

There is a damn good reason!

I do realise that I havent posted in forever. I have looked at other peoples blogs and thought about writing, because I do have a few things to tell you, but I dont feel like it right now because Carrot is poorly, and i'm worried about her, and i'm scared that I might have to put some bad news on here soon :( So in brief, this is my last week: Safari park - I have pics Morvens birthday Work - yay new boss, yay organised, boo up at 6:30 every damn day. Compost - EWW Sweetcorn - the vegetable not the rat Carrot - the rat Knitting - and frogging Paypal - absolute shit! Glasses - yay Since Tuesday, all we have done is gone to work and then come home and play with the ratties. She may just have a water infection but I want to spend as much time with her as possible, just in case - we are going to the vet on Sunday since we can't get time off and the vets close before we get home.

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