17 September 2007

This should be good for a laugh!

I can't actually see very well. I am on my first day of a contact lens trial. I have done one before, and this one is going better, but i'm not getting that instant clear vision feeling that one would expect if one believed TeeVee advertising. So yep, thats the excuse for the typos... I don't see any typos - you are lying! Anyhoo faithful reader, what has the last week brought, I hear you ask. Well. Quite a while ago now, I took the dear Morven to the safari park for his birthday (25th, not 5th). We saw lions and tigers and white lions and white tigers, and lots of things that looked like cows and antelope, and a camel or three. It was good fun, and I promise that one day I will share some photographs. Not today though! That was good fun anyway, and he seemed to enjoy himself. It would have made a better birthday weekend if his friend wasn't such a tool who just could not make a plan to save his life. But it sure made my weekend better knowing that we werent going to be graced by the presence of his 'friend' - the idiot who has now failed to show on THREE occasions. Grr! (refers to last post's list) Work - I have a new line manager! A couple of weeks ago, the Head of Department left, my manager was moved to a different department, and one of the Department Managers moved up to Head of Department and I now have to report to her. This is very good news because the new Head is a really nice person, who we have worked with for about a year, and office morale has more than tripled since the micromanaging idiot left for a new company. So anyway, things are moving forward, including my contract. Old and stupid methods have been binned, and work is just lovely now! Compost - lol, I got 2 new compost bins and was a little bit more excited than was maybe normal. The best part is the little caddy I have to put kitchen waste in before carrying it out to the garden. AND this past weekend I bought a water butt too, so I am all eco. Yay me :) Also in the garden, my corn is really really tall and almost ready for eating. Again, maybe more excited than I need to be again. We took Carrot to the vet and she is on antibiotics. I'm not too worried about her anymore, so we shall see how things go :) And as for the rest of the stuff in the last post, Paypal are crap, my new glasses are cool, and I have been doing bits of knitting but I really need to sort through some WIPs and finish something

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Senora Fuerte said...

What is a water butt?

I'm really glad to hear that work, Carrot and corn are all doing so well. You sound a lot happier than you have in the past few months, so I'm am glad.