19 September 2007

Where is my house?

Well - the old concrete building that we are knocking down to build our cabin, kind of well, fell down when our builder tried to take off the roof.
When we first moved here we contemplated doing it up. Im glad we didnt.
Our log cabin gets ordered tomorrow with a lead time of 6-8 weeks. I have my fingers crossed for a warm dry November. We are currently in discussion with the company about delivery. They wanted to send a huge lorry (truck) but we are doubting that they will be able to unload it. And the worst part about this whole thing, is that if we cannot (and we most likely cannot) get some kind of crane to lift the wood to the building site, then we will have to carry a whole cabin full of wood, piece by piece, up, this.... (this doesnt quite show how steep the hill is)
and then up this...
Yay us.... :(

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