22 September 2007

Writing for the sake of it.

I often feel that I should write more, but to be honest, I dont usually have that much to say. I like to sit and listen (or read in blog terms) more than actually add to the conversation. I suppose there are a few bits to update. I just picked another marrow, the last 4 beets, a ton of carrots and chard from the garden. The pumpkin were taking over so I cut them back too. The foundations for the cabin are coming along. This is really happening now. We paid the deposit yesterday, added a foot to the roof height, and made one opening a little wider. Its on its way - 6-8 weeks from now it will be here! I'm scared that something is going to go wrong - worried I guess. There is no reason that we should be breaching planning laws but I still have a niggling doubt. Its not over 4 metres high, its not within 20 metres of the public highway - I cant remember if its meant to be under or over 10 metres from the house, but whichever, we do comply. So its just worry. I have been taking my mind off it by pricing up Ikea kitchens using their planner tool. I can get everything we want for £530. Plus we need to buy a stove but I was going to Freecycle for it or check the papers for something used in decent condition. If all else fails, I will put it on my Christmas list, or me and Morven can get married just for the gift list lol. I really wanted the red kitchen, but I decided on the gloss white version of the red kitchen. The red one meant I would have to buy red filler pieces and end panels which just adds to the cost. So white it is. Oh yeah, we will need some tiles for the back walls too but I will ebay for those. I have also been knitting today - I frogged a bag and decided to make a hat - later - and I have been working on a lace scarf because I need to finish something in the hope that it will motivate me to make something else. And the annoying thing here, is that I wanted to take pics so I could post them tonight, but my phone ran out of charge, so I couldn't. I have washed all the vegetables and left them on the drainer, so providing they are still there tomorrow I will try to remember to take some pics. And the scarf will get a new pic when its finished. In the meantime it is on my Ravelry projects page (xampx) if you have your invite. One last thing. I got my postcard from my Mum today. She got back on Monday LOL. She has been to Salou in Spain? for 2 weeks - only £350 ($700) for a 4star hotel. I wish I could go somewhere like that, but I can't afford the £60 for a passport :(

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