27 September 2007

Its Bloody Freezing!

Well, winter is upon us - its about 11 degrees C with a bright sun which just isn't making a damn difference because it feels baltic out there today. Time to knit something warm! Last month, or maybe even back in June, I spent ages looking at yarns to make the Jesse's Flames sweater for Morven. I decided that I would use Wendy Mode because it has good meterage, is cheap, and is 50% merino. However, the gauge is way off, and I dont think I can be bothered trying to swap and change until I get the right size to gauge fit. So now I am thinking sod this, I will just crochet another Jolly Roger sweater but with flames on the sleeves. So I think thats what I will do. However, I do remember the gauge being completely off for that too, and I just ended up winging it. I might just make something up - I've been knitting properly for a whole year now, surely I can just use knitters initiative and just make something fantastic? I will leave this open for now because I really just cannot decide. On anything except that I will use Wendy Mode because it is only £1.60 a ball and it has lots of colours. In fact, I might knit myself something from it. But after I finish arisaig, holey cable, and about 15 hats and scarves. Oh, and there are 89 knitting days left until Christmas. 90 if you do what I do and carry on knitting on Christmas morning so the second sock will be done 'in time'. Also, I have a house to build and decorate and live in, a full time job to do, and you know, general living to do as well as knitting, so I will probably not finish anything else between now and next year. In other news. My job - the temporary one - has FINALLY been made permanent. However, before the singing and dancing commences, I have to apply and be interviewed for it. Closing is tomorrow and I finished my application yesterday so we are going to take that in today. Hopefully I can be interviewed maybe Monday or Tuesday, and man I will be pissed if I dont get my own damn job by the end of October. Also, I am on holiday from work for Wednesday to Friday this week. Yesterday we did a few things around the house, I made pancakes, went to the market and bought loads of things from the death shelf for £10. There is enough food there for the week. I love how supermarkets sell things really cheap the day before they expire - Anyone with a freezer can get a bargain. Morven is just in the shower, and then we are going to go to town, hand in my application, buy car tax for the Rover, (£90 for 6 months!!! ugh.) probably wonder around aimlessly, go to starbucks to see if they do pumpkin lattes here, and then come home, pick vegetables, pack and leave for my mums house. Tommorrow we are going to go to Whitby for the day and then go back to her house for the rest of the weekend. Im gonna take the rats too as Carrot isnt 100% yet and I dont want to leave her.

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