6 October 2007

Photo Fest

I feel like I should post as I haven't in forever. I don't feel all that wordy so I will just say that I got the job! I start on Monday with full benefits (28 days holiday, 13 days flexi leave, a week off paid for Christmas, £3-4k more than I was earning a year and now I will be able to get credit at last). Here are some pictures for your enjoyment...


This was the view as I left the house on Friday morning in my winter coat. It turned out to be way too warm for a winter coat and scarf, but it definitley LOOKED like winter.


Here is some fresh grown produce - yet another marrow took me by suprise. This one was hiding in a pile of weeds. It was REALLy nice roasted. DSC00217

These also made up last sundays lunch at my mothers house. The first time I had actually cooked my carrots. DSC00216 Oh and the beets. I love beets. There was also massive amounts of chard. DSC00215 This concoction was gorgeous. Podded and unpodded runnerbeans, rainbow chard, fresh tomatos, garlic and onions. Yum. The onions weren't home grown but I have just bought sets to plant this weekend for summer onions next year. DSC00252 There has also been knitting, in the form of lots of fingerless mittens. I am about to start my 4th pair. I just made up the pattern as I went along and these ones are made from bits of Noro Kureyon (from the same ball) DSC00255 There has also been a minimal amount of knitting on Arisaig - Its not a quick knit and I have been really lazy about it. I'm happy that the photo came out this colour though. Its much darker really, but I know its purple really.

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Frank said...

What a lovely Photo Fest!