7 October 2007


I should have used the beets to dye some yarn I have had sitting around for... forever... Too late now, maybe next year. As i'm here - I have spent most of this weekend, and the latter half of last week, knitting fingerless mittens. I have almost 4 pairs now. Im hoping that I get quite a few made (if I dont get bored) and then I can sell them at Christmas craft fairs if there even are any of those around here. Im also knitting some more of my Jaywalker, which I started earlier this year (or last year - who keeps count). Its not like I have any difficult parts to do, all I need to do is about an inch of half pattern half 'knit all' and then decrease for the toe. But thats not quite easy enough for me and I have been putting it off for too long. So I picked them up today and knit a couple of rounds and I will hopefully have them finished for next weekend. I planted onions today - red and yellow, and garlic. Come June they will be ready to eat. There isn't much going on in the garden at the moment. I am waiting for the corn to ripen a little bit more so I can dig it out, a lone bell pepper thinks it has a cat in hells chance of producing fruit at this time of year - so I will leave it for the rest of the month before I break the news that it will freeze to death if it doesnt stop now. I have a few last runner beans on the plant, the leeks are just beyond pencil thick so they will be coming out soon, and I am having doubts about my sprouts, as the roots may have been disturbed by all the heavy machinery passing for the building of our house foundations. Not long now btw.... I think weekends should have 3 days, or even 4. I dont feel ready to go back to work just yet, although I do get to start flexi time tomorrow. It will be useful as I think I will have to take Carrot to the vet again. Poor thing is constantly broken. Also, who here watched the new series of Ugly Betty? As someone who watches TV approximately 1 hour a month, I LOVE Ugly Betty. I need some sleep now. Hope everyone had a good weekend

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