12 October 2007

Tick tick tick

As you may have noticed, I have joined the ticker community (to the right there...). You know how as time passes, you put on a little weight, so you buy bigger clothes, and then you put more on, and buy more clothes? Well I did that about 5 years ago, and I have maintained my weight since then, but I am not maintaining a GOOD weight. I made this ticker and it said I need to lose 81lb to reach MY ideal weight (not the suggested ideal weight for my height, which would make me horribly thin) 81lb is a LOT - think how many bags of sugar that is... The thing is, I refuse to stop eating. I love food, I love cooking, I love eating out. I will make more sensible choices for the most part, but the way I plan on doing this is through exercise. Now I have a bike, but its cold out, and the bike just is not comfortable. And I live in hilly forests and I could just walk, but again - cold out and I dont really enjoy walking. So I am joining Curves gym as it is literally about a minute from my office. I usually have an hour to pass in the evenings waiting for Morven to pick me up on his way home, so this seems the most logical choice. I am a little aprehensive, but lets see how this goes... In other news, I had Carrot at the vet again last night. The vet thinks she has pyometra, which is a womb infection which is usually found in dogs. We are trying her on drugs but she may have to have her womb removed. NOT looking forward to that. Poor kid :( Oooh ooh ooh - I finished BOTH jaywalkers too! I will post some pics soon

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