15 October 2007

Dear Carrot

Here is Carrot when she was only tiny. She is having an operation tomorrow and I am scared that I might lose her. She has had this infection for a couple of months now and I think it has peaked. I have spent all night playing with her and hopefully she will be much better tomorrow. Brighter and back to her normal little active self.
I love you Carrot. You are the best little friend I have ever had.
** Update - As at 2:40 this afternoon, she was in recovery and doing ok. She isn't out of the wood yet though. **Update - 5:30 and I just spoke to the vet. She is doing great. Morven is on his way now and we are picking her up at 7. Did I mention that I cried when we dropped her at the vet?


erqsome said...

I hope it goes well! Fingers firmly crossed for Carrot.

Senora Fuerte said...

Hang in there, Carrot!