18 October 2007


Work is crazy. Did I ever even mention my job? We build houses, and have 60 new ones completing this month so we are stupidly busy. Carrot is doing just fine. Im very happy. We have had a post op check today and we have another next Friday. I didn't even get one post op check when I had an operation - but then I didn't pay for mine, maybe thats its. Pea is rather annoyed at the lack of attention so I am trying to always talk to her first so she doesn't hate Carrot when they get back together. I promised a Jaywalker pic - I did take one but then I took my memory card out to replace it with one with Harry Potter talking books.... So here is one of the Pomotamus I started on Saturday. Its actually about 75% done. And the pattern was simple - you should all make some. I tried mine on last night and it fits PERFECTLY! This may be my favourite pattern for a while. Next though, I was going to make some plain socks. I bought some natural sock yarn and was going to KoolAid it when I next get a spare morning - Maybe next week as I am planning a day off work for Carrots next post op.

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