19 October 2007

Reasons I haven't been to the gym yet...

This is really irritating. I bought new sweatpants last Friday and I was going to sign up on Monday. But this week has been one thing after another and so here I am on Friday and I still haven't signed up. Monday - Morven was sick, I drove to work and had to park at a colleagues house and get a ride in with her. So I couldnt go after work as I needed a ride back to the car. Tuesday - Carrot had an operation and I had to get back to the vet as early as possible to pick her up (got there 15 minutes AFTER the vet closed - but they waited) Wednesday - I brought my workout clothes to work with me but forgot my shoes - work shoes aren't apropriate for working out. Thursday - Got to work late after the post op appointment so had to work until 6 to make up for it Then the dreaded 'time of month' came around and I just didn't feel like it. And today I don't think I will go because I'd rather go on a Monday. So the plan is to go next Monday, and again on Wednesday. I won't be going next Friday as I won't be in work. On the good side I have lost a couple of pounds by not eating chocolate, although I am pretty sure I don't eat 4lb of chocolate in any one week - maybe the week after Christmas.... not quite. Almost finished pomotamus - Morven is going to Swansea with his mum tomorrow so I will finish one and probably start another. I hope it is warm this weekend as I have tonnes of laundry to do and there is nowhere to dry it if I can't put it outside. I was going to dye some sock yarn with Kool Aid too as I have the time now. Oh and as its Friday I was going to go get a pumpkin or a butternut squash to make a chunky soup and I was going to try soda bread in the breadmaker. Oooh and I need cumin seeds from the Olive guy too. I love having the house to myself

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