22 October 2007

Lots to show you...

Im suprised there isn't a limit to the amount of photographs you can upload to one post.
I spent saturday on my own, at home, catching up with things and doing stuff I have been meaning to do for a while. I even made extra effort to take pictures of stuff.
I promised a picture of my finished Jaywalkers - here they are, my legs really are that white and I never thought there could be such an unflattering picture of my feet...
Here is a pomatomus, I cannot stress how easy these are, despite the intricate looking pattern. They are so snug too, and really really comfy. I have already cast on for number 2 which is about 3 inch long already. Another unflattering foot photograph... I have another but blogger just deleted it :s
I made soup, fabulous lovely soup. It was SO good. I used a small acorn squash, a tiny butternut squash and half a small pumpkin.
I roasted the various squash, with 2 onions, which were sprinkled with olive and sesame seed oil, ground coriander seeds, cumin, dark muscavado sugar, pepper, a little paprika, a little ground clove, a little ground cinamon, and loads of other stuff I found in my herb cupboard. 40 minutes later it looked like this...
I then ate a bunch of the acorn squash because it was irresistably good. The rest, I scraped the hard skin off, added milk, water, salt and pepper and mashed up a bit with a potato masher to make the soup.
And all this was eaten with some malted grain bread which I made in the bread machine. I know its better to make it by hand, but the bread machine was free from freecycle, and I was busy doing other things. For example....
I Kool Aid-ed my yarn, using 2 packs of tropical punch, 1 of cherry and 1 or 2 of grape. It was just about warm on saturday, so I had it drying on the garden chair, and then i brought it in and put it on the radiator, and it was dry by Sunday morning.
I even wound it into a centrepull ball, which took about an hour. Seriously.... I want a wool winder for christmas!

PS. Carrot is doing fantastically. She did eat one of her stitches but she is healing up really well, she is much more lively and back to her normal self, and she is being a total pain about taking her medicine.

PPS: Our house arrives on 13th Novembrrrrrrr! And there has been a problem which means the foundations won't be done by then. Typical!

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