25 October 2007

I Won!

I won yarn! I had forgot I even entered the contest on Senora Fuerte's blog so it was very cool to see that I won, and on the same day that I was looking at Cascade 220 in the sales! So yay! I don't have much of interest to say, I have worked all week, and STILL not been to the gym, although it is a definite plan for monday. I wanted to go today and had all my stuff, but then it got late and I worked until 6pm because I have tomorrow off to take Carrot to the vet for her final post-op. She has healed really well and we are going to let her sleep in her own cage tomorrow night with her sister. Ironically, the initial problem, which was pink scent marks, is still there, but the vet said that her womb was covered in oversized blood vessels, and she is so much more bouncy and lively now that I think the problem has been fixed. In knitting news I have barely done any. Although I HAVE resisted starting a new sock with my home dyed yarn so thats an improvement. I want to dye more yarn, but I only have grape Koolaid left, and you can't really find it over here, so I will wait until nearer Christmas and ask some friends over the pond if they would be so kind as to send me some greens, blues and more cherry colours. Not that I have any plans to knit anything in particular with the 2 balls of Lion Fisherman Wool, but I am sure I will be inspired when its dyed. I am looking forward to a nice weekend and I hear there is a craft fair nearby so I will try and find that. Morven is determined to find a decent market and I am going to buy more acorn squash to make soups again. I also bought a huge pack of bell peppers (capsicums?) to roast and make soup and other nice things to go with cous cous. I really cant wait until we have a finished cabin, with a nice cooking area for me to make soups and use all my garden veg. The foundations are not as stable as we thought though, and so its going to be an extra week or so of work to get it ready. We had another few ton of hardcore and sand delivered but the builders are having trouble getting it up the hill since its been wet lately, so we are currently very behind. The house arrives in 19 days - EEP

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