2 November 2007

Happy Holidays?

Hello faithful reader, today I would like to talk about celebrations. It just seems to me, that English people celebrate a whole load of holidays that they don't understand. (Ok, not all English people, and not JUST English people, but many.) For example.... Christmas is Jesus/Santa's Birthday, or a damn good excuse to get pissed, eat as much as possible, throw up and spend the next day sleeping/unconcious. Halloween is about threatening people that you will do stuff to them if they don't give you sweets, although its more about money than sweets these days, and Bonfire night (November 5th) is an excuse to set fireworks off for 3 months solid, at all hours, burn things, damage people and property and generally piss people off. Its a shame really, because all these holidays are ruined by people who give in to commercialism, the kind of people who buy their little brats the best (see: popular) new toys which are broken before 1st of January. Am I stereotyping? Maybe. Anyway. News. We have delayed the cabin arrival until Monday 19th November. Because of the weather, its been difficult getting the foundation materials to the site, and so we are a few days behind. This actually works out better, because we are taking a whole week off work and in theory, we should be in by the following weekend. (yeah, nice theory) We are also not worrying so much about money, as there was leftover budget to buy carpet, the kitchen, electrics and lights etc, so we just have to save up for the little things. Carrot is doing really well, although I think Pea may have bitten her today as she seems to have a small wound on her belly. She is ok though and is currently nibbling TP - one of her favourite foods. I joined the gym on monday and went yesterday and today. I plan to go Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays after work. Its a really quick workout but you do feel it, and I look forward to going. Hopefully I will have something to show for it soon. I will weigh myself over the weekend and cross my fingers :) My heartrate was pretty high so I have to be burning something. I have just turned the heel on Pomotamus number 2, and I am starting to lose interest, mainly because I havent looked at it for a couple of days. I will keep at it this weekend and hopefully have it done for Monday. I think I will try a Monkey with my homedyed yarn, but I am thinking about Christmas presents at the moment. I like the Via Diagonale at knitty.com and was considering making it from a self striping and a plain black mohair/acrylic mix, but im not convinced. I need to stop buying yarn for a while and use some of what I have, its just a shame I don't have much of anything nice. If anyone has any nice quick patterns for small amounts of yarn, please let me know. Before Christmas if possible :)

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