5 November 2007


Generic weekend - We bought tyres and brake pads, carried wooden pallets to the house to make into a sofa bed, I knitted some sock, found the perfect fabric to cover the sofa, but they only had 3 meters, I needed 8. Bought some cheap wine on Saturday, it was really not good. Im really sick of looking at kitchens, carpets, fabrics and all other kinds of stuff for the cabin. It could potentially be a house in a couple of years so we want all this sorting out now - but this is dragging on. I just want to make some jewellery on my jewellery desk which is currently 180 miles away. I want to go over thereon weekends, make some breakfast without having to make smalltalk, play house a little, wash some clothes, and generally do what I want. I want to move in! But alas, not possible. It will be a good 90% of the time place though. the second Pomatomus is about 90% done, I just have about 10 rows of pattern and then the toe to do, Im excited because they are so nice and comfy and they havent taken too long at all. Im tempted to make another pair, but im going to do the monkeys instead. I spent friday night looking at my stash and thinking I could make something, but I havent made anything yet, and probably wont until the monkeys are finished. Im going to the gym again today, I enjoyed it on Friday, and I plan on going 3 times a week whenever im in work. Im going to go in a few minutes, im just organising my ride first. Thats all.

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Laurie Ann said...

I feel your pain. There's nothing like your own place.