20 November 2007

The Cabin is Here! The Cabin is Here!

The Cabin is Here! It arrived on the back of a HUGE truck yesterday at 3:30 (90 minutes LATE - curse you M25!!) It. Is. Huge. It is in 7 pallet loads, 5 of which needed to be craned off the truck. There was one smashed window :( but we are going to put it in as it is and have someone come and replace in in situ. I dont have a picture of the truck as I took it with morvens camera, but here are the finished foundations... They are dry too! Woo!

Yesterday was awful. We knew it was going to rain - I think they said 'showers', but we got rain! Please note my new hairstyle in the first picture, of me all wrapped up warm ready for a day out doing manual labour.....

Please then also note the complete state of me after 3 hours standing in the driving rain trying to organise 4 men and a crane......

Not pretty! Did I mention it was about 2 degrees (C)?

So today is lifting day. We have to move the 5 pallets about 30 feet up in our garden :( Oh and there are only 3 of us today until Morven gets back this afternoon :(

More updates soon

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Senora Fuerte said...

Super cute hair! (the dry hair, of course)

Yay house!!!