1 December 2007

Another Saturday

One week on and we are almost there. It has been very difficult as we have been out at work from 7:30 am to 7pm every day. We bought a worklight and went out on Tuesday and Thursday evenings for a couple of hours but had to stop around 9pm before we got complaints from neighbours. We have been out today and just got in, its been raining heavy all day and we had to stop and come in a couple of times, but we DID get the first 2 roof beams on and tomorrow we are pretty confident we will get the other 3 up, depending on how hard it rains. Then the plan is to have the builders fit the roof early next week and then we will do the doors and windows next weekend (and floors). The water supply is being worked on and then the electrics can go in and there is still a minor fleeting chance that it might be ready for Christmas. I want us to eat christmas dinner in there if it is! Watch this space! I do have photographs and I will post them next time as I dont know where my camera is. Now I am going to have a nice hot shower and sit in my pajamas and spin with my drop spindle for the rest of the night. Im asking for a proper spinning wheel for Christmas (fingers crossed) as although I have only been doing this for about 3 weeks now, its very addictive and fiber is way way cheaper than yarn. A cashmere sweater from £9 of fiber? Thats about $18US. That is a bargain. I also think I will try a couple of blog competitions with my makings. Who knows. Anyway Im going to go fall into the shower.

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