4 December 2007

Quick cabin update

All of the roofing beams are in now. I would have liked to have said we did that ourselves, but we did half of them before Morven remembered he is scared of heights, so our builders finished them off. The roofing boards go on today :) And if it happens quick, the slats, insulation, ply and tiles may just be on by tonight. I don't think it will be quite so finished, but they have all day to do it, so a lot may happen, and then they can get back to digging holes for the water and electric cables. I am feeling better about it. I spun my first skein of yarn. It broke in a couple of places so it has about 3 knots in it, but for a first attempt, I love it. It is currently drying on the radiator, but I will take pics soon. Next time I will ply a couple of colours together. I got about 85 metres from just under 50g of fiber (unless it was 100g - I will check when I post pics) In other big news, I got a spinning wheel :) Its a castle style antique oak one, from someone who used it as a decorative object, but assures me it worked when she bought it. We are going to pick it up this weekend. Sadly I know nothing about it although from what I was reading, i can work out that it is a single treadle and single drive. I know nothing about spinning wheels so if anyone can help, please do so :)

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