25 January 2008

Just some things

I have been taking more photographs lately, which can't be a bad thing. So I thought I would share some here, as its a good way to post when I don't have anything to say.
wheel 1
This needs an explanation I think. Basically yes, it is a picture of my spinning wheel. Its a lovely little tiny thing, and I have managed to throw together a couple of decent looking skeins (well singles actually, wait a minute, there is a picture coming up in a min) and I plan on playing with it more this weekend and seeing if I can sort out a brake band or double drive. So the explanation is for the state of the room its in. This sofa has been covered in stuff since Christmas, mainly because we have been storing cabin stuff in here (My and Morven's living room) So this sofa is so filthy with bits of wood and dust, plus the bleach mark at the back, and the stuff on it is all Christmas presents and yarn.
singles 1
These are some of the singles I had a go at. I only have one bobbin so these are wound onto tubes for easy plying. From left to right I think thats some natural australian merino. The middle is some random wool which I had to card and make into rolags, and the right is some cream corridale and at the back its the same as the middle, carded with some of the cream corridale.
space invader
I made Morven a Space Invader - pattern here I used some Caron Simply Soft, which I got in a swap last year, maybe the year before.
And this is what I bought yesterday. My second yarn purchase this year. The first was the Regia for my TT socks, and this is some Patons Jet. Half alpaca, half wool, and I got it to make Morven some fingerless gloves because his hands are always cold when we drive to work in the morning. I got the squeezy paint stuff to put on the palms so they dont slip on the steering wheel, and I picked up a couple of row counters because I didn't have any, and I thought they would come in handy. Im going to sort of follow the pattern for the Beer Gloves in the Son of Stitch n Bitch book. The gauge is way off though, so im going to make the cable narrower, and obviously cast on a completely different number of stitches. Im trying not to buy yarn for the hell of it this year. The Regia is because I did't have any nice sock yarn in my stash, and I had a voucher, and this stuff was on sale, and £1.99 ($4 ish) for alpaca/wool is really good. I just hope 78m a ball is enough, but I can always do black fingers. I like making things for Morven, except the binary scarf, which is boring and taking too long. Its nice to knit for others because I have a goal. I don't usually care so much when I knit for myself, which is why my shrug/cardi hasn't been touched for a couple of weeks. I know I will pick it up again soon, which is more than I can say for Arisaig.

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BabyLongLegs said...

Your wheel looks Fab....is it a Kromski?
Love the singles too...especially the one in the middle :)
So nice to see someone else uses TP rolls too :)
Jet is yummy yarn isn't it?

Sarah xXx