26 January 2008

Things I have done today.

  • Realised my blogiversary went unmentioned on November 30th. Oops.
  • Realised that the person putting the electrics in the cabin is a complete moron.
  • Argued much with Morven regarding said moron.
  • Realised there was really no point drawing up plans when they were completely ignored.
  • Put off spinning ALL DAY because I was looking for something to fix the wheel with.
  • Pulled out the last of last years leeks from the garden.
  • Made Leek and Potato soup. Forgot to taste it so its a bit bland.
  • Made tortellini (store bought) with a mackeral and tomato sauce (actually made)
  • Looked for some cheap 2.5mm dpn's as some of mine have split.
  • Successfully drugged Carrot twice. (Yoghurt is the key!)
  • Knit almost a whole glove for Morven.
  • Broke a tooth. It has been going for about a year and its now broken off and I don't have a dentist. Lucky the nerve isn't exposed or i'd be crying about now.
  • Washed clothes, dried clothes.
  • Washed my and Morvens dishes. Don't you just hate when people make a mess and then leave it for you? I used to clean the entire kitchen before I started cooking, but today I cleaned the space I need and moved all the crap out of the sink and just washed my own. Im not doing other peoples cleaning anymore

Oh and about the cabin - REALLY pissed off that there is dirt and footprints ALL over the floor when we have been careful to take our shoes off whilst we wait to get it sealed.

I think thats about it. I emailed a request to an outdoor adventure place about archery because Morven wants to go. And, um, yeah that is it, apart from browsing the internet. Fun fun! Tomorrow we are going to install the lights because that way the moron can't possibly get them wrong this time, and hmm, I dunno. Spin, and hope the day lasts forever so I dont have to go back to work on monday.

I have to go get a rat off the windowsill so I'd better call it a day.

1 comment:

Amy said...

That is an impressive list! I must write a list of what I do in a day one time (just to prove that I am busy and don't spend all my time knitting or browsing knitting related things on the internet!)

Oh and Happy Blogiversary for November!