27 January 2008

Note to self

That wool you spun, it WAS 200 grams of Australian Merino wool tops. Its pretty nice stuff.

The rusty orange coloured stuff was apparently 100g of New Zealand Merino carded batts, but it doesn't seem to have a very long staple compared to the other merino you have used. Also, you had to buy cards, learn how to make rolags, and then make rolags. This is quite fun, but also, it took FOREVER. Please bear this in mind when making future purchases!

You also bought 100g of Gotland Lamb carded batts. Again with the batts. You didn't realise this until just now, but you are going to have to card that too. Yay you!

You bought all of these from handmade presents and you are writing that here so you don't lose the address when Morven reformats the laptop and loses your favourites again.

Its also worth mentioning, for the same reason, that you like http://www.forestfibres.com/, because the owner is really nice, and its on your way home from work, and she has a log cabin too, which is insulated with lots of wool! She also has silk, and black bamboo!!!!

Note to everyone else:

Firstly, 100g = 4oz for people who haven't been forced into the metric system!

Also, I have spun some of that australian merino up today, plied it, soaked it and hung it up to dry. Also we took the bathtub apart (the original enamelled cast iron bathtub), the main bath has been primed, and the legs have been sanded and soaked in paint stripper. I didn't realise how amazingly fabulous they are. They are REAL claw and ball feet. Like an actual claw on an actual ball. I love this these old bathtubs, to look at at least. In theory they are freezing cold, and you have to fill them with boiling water and leave them a while for the water to heat up the metal, and the metal to cool down the water. We aren't using this as a bath though, its going to be a rather elaborate shower tray in the cabin. There will be photographs soon, and maybe some of the cabin too, as it is nearing completion. We now have to work out where everything will go.

For some reason, Blogger has forgotten what punctuation is, so I just had to go through adding line spaces using HTML, which I do not enjoy. Stop it blogger!

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