31 January 2008

I'm an idiot

I have a plan, well a 'sort of' plan, to spin some yarn and make my mum a birthday present. Its 6 weeks away so well done to me for actually planning something.

I have this pale turquoise merino, and I though I would spin it up fine, and get a couple more similar colours, and ply them. So I ordered some fiber. I got 2 colours called Opal and Emerald. The Opal looked like a nice pale turquoise, but more blue than what I had, and the Emerald looked sea green. So they arrived last night and the Opal was the same as the stuff I already have, and the Emerald is more like a forest green. so my plan, is to a: not trust on screen colours. Doh! and b: maybe dye the fiber. Not sure how - I plan on reading about this soon.

The other option is to ply one dark green with 2 light green singles. Or 3. And I bought some Angelina sparkly stuff so I could try spinning that it for contrast. I spun some of the green last night and it is looking more bluey so I think it can stay, but im so stupid. I spent hours deciding on these colours!

The other stupid part is that I dont know what to knit. Im thinking a neck warmer (she has a thousand scarves) or mittens or something, but I dont like things that come in pairs, as I always change the pattern and can never remember what I did on the second one.

I was also looking at BabyLongLegs blog (see my side bar) which inspired me and so I bought some multicoloured fiber (il dye my own, I just can't yet) and I was going to ply it with this dark green too. Should look nice.

As you can see, my knitting has taken a back seat for spinning again. Don't worry, it will come back. I have a sock, a scarf and a glove to finish.

In other news, everything else is just alright!


Mindie said...

You're not stupid, believe me. The number of times I've bought fibre and yarn over the internet and found the colour to be a complete surprise. Sometimes it's a nice surprise but not always, that's when it gets pushed to the bottom of the stash for a bit!

BabyLongLegs said...

That multi-coloured roving is lovely!!!
Buying coloured fibre over the 'net is always a gamble....but you are in no way stupid Mrs!!!

Sarah xXx