1 February 2008

Colour test

I'm really enjoying spinning this merino, its really shiny and smooth. Here are 2 singles I made...

This is the opal. The colour is pretty accurate, unlike the colour on the site I bought it from. Its a good job its a nice colour, as I have a ton of it. I'm going to buy something in a bluey colour to ply it with, or it would ply well with some ot the grey Australian merino

This is the emerald. In this picture its the colour I want it to be, although in reality its much darker and greener, and it has way too much of a contrast with the opal to create the effect I was hoping for.

This one I got from the same site, and the website picture is the exact same. Weird

I just emailed my local fiber supplier and I am hoping to go to her studio this weekend to get a nice inbetween colour, I dont know whether to go more blue or more green, so I will take what I have and compare in person. Im tempted to get some bamboo or silk too to make it shiny :)

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