13 January 2008

What a lovely day..

I didn't want my first post in a long time to be all about me ranting, but seriously, Friday was a total bitch. It rained all day, and by about 3pm people started to talk, friends were calling and texting to say they were being told to leave work and get home quickly. I passed the message on to Morven but he couldnt leave until 4:30. I sat around listening to the traffic reports, making my bosses leave for home, and in the end it was just me and my workfriend. The radio was saying one road was closed, then another, then the motorway, then another, and then pretty much every route home was closed due to either the sudden snowy blizzard or flooding. Come 7pm I went to my work friends house, Morven had left work at 4:30 and was still sitting in the same place, about 3 miles from work, unable to turn around as it was single carriageway and there was fencing to stop him turning around. So I sat and knitted (the binary scarf im making - see my ravely - xampx) and we watched tv and films and more tv, ate some food, sat around some more, and eventually, at 1:30 AM!!! Morven finally made it through. He did about 5 miles in 8 hours, and made it to a roundabout so he could turn around, buy fuel, and get the hell out of there a different way. The REALLY annoying part is that when I then drove us home from my friends house, there was no signs of any flooding or major snow. It was just really annoying that this nothingness has caused us so many problems. So we got home at 2:30 and we woke up at around 11am on Saturday, but didnt get out of bed and dressed until half 5. I hate where we live. What kind of crazy ass backwards place only has one road in and out of the city which is always closed at the slightest complication. This is the third time in 18 months that we have almost been stranded, and I seriously thought Morven was going to have to sleep in his car and possibly freeze to death. Grr. Anyway - thanks for listening. I now know I have a few readers which is nice. Im working on a 'what i've been doing' post, and also I want to get some pictures of the things ive been making. Im trying to finish lots of knitty stuff and ive started a few things so I will take some photos soon. :)


Laurie Ann said...

I'm sorry you had a bad day. Traffic really sucks. I stupidly got off the freeway because it was jammed only to get stuck on the regular streets hitting every stop light there was.

Anonymous said...

What an awful experience! I'm glad you and Morven were able to (finally) make it home safely.

Senora Fuerte said...

Woah dude! 8 hours to go 5 miles?! I once took and hour and a half to go a quarter of a mile, which I thought was bad because I hadn't brought any knitting with me that day (the only day ever that I didn't). But 8 hours in a car with NOTHING TO DO?! I'd have lost my mind!

I'm glad you're back.