15 January 2008

The Progress Post

I spent the last 3 days of my Christmas break doing nothing but sitting in front of the computer, knitting. So what did I make? This is what I started making from the Cascade 220 that I won on Senora Fuerta's blog. It is loosly based on the anthropology inspired capelet found here The main change I made was that I made it MUCH bigger to fit around my - lets say figure, in an attempt to stop search engines sending perverts my way. I am attempting to make a custom fit cardigan and so far its actually working. I have frogged it from the underaem 3 times, and have learned from this and that black line is my life line so I can frog back there again. The sleeves are 3/4 length although im thinking I might change them. I still have 1 1/3 balls of yarn left so im really happy that I won that competition. I made my first dishcloth - what inspires people to waste valuable knitting time making dishcloths? Well, now I've made one I can confirm that these are really good for mindless knitting, and this one took me about 2-3 hours whilst sat in front of the PC watching youtube videos. Pattern here.Whilst I had the cotton out, I decided to try out an idea. I saw these woollen soap sweaters a while ago and I was thinking yes, good idea, but sweaters have sleeves. So I took the soap sweater literally and came up with this.... The idea is that its a soap saver and washcloth in one. I haven't tried it yet, but I will do and then I can rethink any changes...The whole point of my week was to use up some yarn as I have way too much, including 3 HUGE balls of sugar n creme. So I started making a starstitch dishcloth, and then I made another but they are pretty small, so I thought they would be good as exfoliator cloths for the shower, so im making a face cloth to match, with a star stitch border. My plan is to make a couple and maybe gift them to someone. This one I made before Christmas from home spun yarn. My first homespun yarn that I made on a drop spindle. The hat could be bigger....I finally finished my Monkey socks on Sunday. They were easy, and I had been putting off finishing them for 3 months. The main reason I got them finished was because I wanted the needles to cast on a new pair.The new pair are Twisted Tweed socks, which took forever to find. I got this yarn because I got a 10% off voucher from the Woolly Workshop, who I think I bought my Denise set from. Its a regia color in Tansania and its soooo nice. The reason I finally decided on this pattern was that its free, it involves minimal purling, and its either top down or toe up, and I really wanted to try a toe up sock. I even learned the magic toe up cast on, because I wasn't getting on with the figure 8 kind. I did the toe 3 times in total because the gauge was way off, but then I got the heel turned by the end of the day. Its such an easy pattern. This is what im making for Morven, just because again, I had that yarn in my stash, and what the hell are you meant to do with lime green yarn? Im trying to avoid buying yarn for the hell of it this year, and so I got the sock yarn because its fabulous and it was on sale, and I bought some black acrylic/wool mix to make the binary scarf. Its really soft and thick and its going to keep Morven really warm. Its currently 1/3 done, so its about 2 feet long. This pattern is really easy! Ooh and I made myself a snowflake mitt, but only one lol. This was fun to knit but I have no motivation to make a second right now. I went up about 5 needle sizes, and this is pretty huge. I dont know what I was thinking. They are really warm though so maybe just maybe il make the second one. I think that was pretty productive. Im really trying to finish things before I start new ones, but there are a few casualties, like a holey cable sweater that is about 70% done, that I dont even know where I left off. I want to finish it..... Just not this year. This post took FOREVER to write so now I need to do some work.


Amy said...

Wow - you've been busy! I love the soap in the sweater and would love to know how it turns out when you use it. I fancy trying that myself.

Laurie Ann said...

You're very productive. I'm jealous.

BabyLongLegs said...

Loving the socks :)
Where'd ya get your Sugar and creme from???

Sarah xXx

Senora Fuerte said...

Good projects! I'm glad to see my yarn going to good use (well, I guess it's YOUR yarn now :)

Keep up the good work. I love the binary scarf, but I'm afraid Senor isn't computery enough to wear it. :(