20 January 2008

My baby is sick again

Pea and Carrot July 07
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Poor Carrot.
I was off work sick last week, coughing and spluttering and unable to talk. But Carrot was sick, so I had to take her to the vet, twice! Now the vet is probably sick too!

We are thinking she has kidney disease (Carrot, not the vet), and well, don't really know how to treat it, except with a general antibiotic and a low protein diet.
We had to get a pee sample, which was a challenge. In the end we put her in her travel box with nothing else until she peed, and then sucked it up with a syringe. Poor thing hated that.

I'm feeling hopeful for her, she looks happy and healthy, apart from her recurring poorly foot and the symptoms of this.

Apart from the vet trips, one of which involved Morven as he was working from home on Friday, I didn't do anything else this week. I was so exhausted from taking her to the vet on Thursday that I went to bed and slept for another 4 hours. And I didn't knit! At all! I started again Saturday and finished the first twisted tweed sock. I intend to cast on the second tomorrow as I have a flexi day. I'm also catching up with Morven's binary scarf, although we spent this weekend fitting the kitchen units in the cabin. There are only 5 units, but it took us 2 days, and there was lots of arguing.

Speaking of the cabin, the planning people came to visit this week. They left happy once they saw the emails we had sent and received from their department (apparently the person emailing us sits next to the person visiting us, but they obviously don't talk). It appears that someone who lives opposite, who we caught taking photographs (that he did not have our permission for!) tried to catch us out by writing to the planning department. Well seriously, we aren't THAT stupid.


Laurie Ann said...

Poor Carrot. I hope she feels better. You too.

I hate nosy neighbors. I stick my tongue out in their general direction.

Senora Fuerte said...

What did that neighbor hope to gain from busting you guys? Damn spies!!

I hope Carrot gets better soon!