11 February 2008

Today il be doing as near to nothing as possible

I have a flexi day today, which I love my job for. I get 13 a year, plus 28 days annual leave, plus stats and a week at Christmas. So do I ever go to work? Sadly more often than not.

I do like these flexi days though because I can just be at home, catch up on laundry, read emails, surf the internet, knit, spin and do whatever I want because no one else is home to stop me.

Today I am doing laundry, and watching our contractors as they rolled in at 10 and will probably leave at 2, then come back later for 8 hours of pay. Hmm! Not today mateys. Im also waiting for amazon to deliver 'drunk divorced and covered in cat hair' by Laurie.

Im late on the bandwagon with it, but I cant wait to read it.


zoom said...

My favourite day of the year used to be Remembrance Day because it was the only day that nobody else in the family got off and I could spend it doing whatever I wanted with no interruptions!

I hope you had a terrific day.

Senora Fuerte said...

I never get these days. I work for my dad, and if I'm not here, there's no one to do my job. :(

If I'm sick I can be sick, but I never get to call in sick when I'm healthy. I'll get busted. It makes the legit vacations all the more precious.