14 February 2008

A few things

I think I need a couple of blog themes, like a random Thursday or something. It should add a little bit of routine to my blogging ways. I started taking part in Fiber Friday at Craftster, but I dont want to repeat myself, and I dont really spin so often that I have something different to show every Friday, so maybe not that, but something.... Any ideas?

I read Laurie's book. I enjoyed it, although it could have been longer. I read her blog so some of the things in the book were familiar, and I guess the blog is an ongoing book anyway. I recommend it to anyone who likes some easy-reading, whether they knit or not. (Almost write knot there).

I've had a really slow week at work, lacking motivation for the early part, but I am getting back into it now. Its 6:15 so I will go home in a few minutes. I've been here since 7:55 this morning. I don't start work until 9, and so I bring knitting. I have to get in so early because the road system in Gloucester is nothing short of just plain wrong, and if we left any later than 7:15 I wouldn't get in until almost 9.

Morven has another 45 minutes drive and then a walk from the carpark so he wouldnt get in until 10. And then he wouldn't be able to leave until 6, and we wouldnt get home until around 8pm.

In a way I would like to get a job nearer to home, but there are just no jobs in the Forest, and we enjoy the drive in together (we are possibly the only people who car share, as almost every other car I see has only one person driving it) plus it saves lots of money on fuel (and another car - SO glad I sold mine last year, my outgoings have dramatically reduced).

I think that once the log cabin is up, and we have our own space, I might try and make my own way home sometimes. Our village gets about 3 busses a day, so I might see about getting a lift from a colleague, who strangly enough lives on the same road as me. (He is the one I got the cast iron bathtub from, he leaves at 6am, starts work at 7, and leaves at 4pm)(obviously we operate a flexi-time system here).

Oh, one last thing. I really don't enjoy the gym anymore. I started going to one opposite work, as I have an hour to spare after work most days, and it seemed ideal. But I really don't enjoy it anymore. I'm thinking I can do more at home, and am wondering whether I should take up pilates or yoga or something. Morven would come too, and be be only man in the class like last time :)

Oh, and Happy Valentines to anyone who celebrates it. Me and Morven are not bothering this year, as we buy each other stuff all the time, and we know we love each other without needing a card and overpriced flowers.

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