21 February 2008

A bit of a turnaround

You know how it gets, routines get old and you stop enjoying what you are doing and just do it because its 'what you do'.

I'd like this blog to be more interesting, but I am not that interesting, so nothing is really gonna change. But today, instead of a load of boring crap about what I have done this week, I though I should give my opinion a bit more, and not be scared that someone is gonna read this and go mental with me. I'll also show you knitting modelled by Morven with rats. (I upgraded to Flickr pro - not because I wanted to, but because I reached my 200 photo limit, and the benefit of pro is that I have organised things so they make more sense to me now - also, im impressed that all my photographs still work on here and Ravelry and forums and stuff).

Anyhoo, stuff!
The M1 motorway in England (the first and longest) was gridlocked on Friday night at around 11:30pm just north of Junction 26 for Nottingham. This annoyed me, since had there been any warning signs that 2 lanes were closing, I, being someone who lived in Nottingham for a couple of years, could have got off at J26, taken back roads, and made it back on at J29, thus saving an hour of sitting there being honked at by a moron for letting people in. Even though they had nowhere else to go (no signs, remember) and it would have caused more gridlock and accidents if these people had to push in front. It made me feel better that this guy was about 50, bald, and driving a shitty people carrier.

Saturday really pissed me off. Firstly some background: Mum crashed (someone hit her) her 1999 Diahatsu Cuore (Thats 0.8l of Japanese low budget automobile) a couple of weeks ago. The insurance company gave her £1500 for it as thats what she insured it for. My mum works in a factory that in the next 18 months is going to transfer over to Europe, meaning almost everyone is going to lose their jobs. She could be done in as little as 3 months time. My mum barely has any savings, as the state pension thing meant that she was born one year too late to get the full state pension, leaving her, at then 53, to make some money for her retirement before her retirement.

So she phones me Friday night to say she has found this car - an 04 Diahatsu Charade (again with the 0.8l engine and this one weighs 1.5 ton! Hmm).

M: I've found a car to look at tomorrow
Me: How much?
M: £3200
Me: You don't have that much
M: Well I do, I have in my savings.
Me: Don't you think you should save your savings?
M: But its a nice car - its lilac.

Saturday Morning, Morven and I start looking online, we find the exact same car, 1 year older, 10,000 more miles, 11 miles away for £2275. She doesn't like it! We drive around and see about 15 other cars which are all small, good quality cars in the £1200-£2000) price range. She wants the first one she saw.

I am so disappointed with my mother. She has always made so much sense to me, been really well organised and good with money. But my sister was telling her how old cars are rubbish (Our Rover is 12, its great, Our Prelude is 16, its fantastic, My Citroen was 2, it was a piece of crap) and she has gone and bought this car for £3200, and I am just angry at her. We tried so hard to find her a bargain and she just didn't listen at all, and so I told her that when she has no job, and the car breaks down, my sister can get off her arse and get a full time job to help her pay for it to be fixed, because I won't.

I also saw a really nice Fiat Punto for £1200 which I would have bought myself had I needed a car, which I dont.

I may need a car - Our company is going to merge. This may mean moving offices to Bristol, in which case I have to get a new car since its not in the right direction to carshare with Morven. Everyone is jumping ship at the moment in work and morale is non existant. I work in development and we have no funding at the moment so we are slowly going to come to a halt unless this merge happens quickly. All good fun.

Anyhoo, im pretty happy today, and have been this week, despite the whole angry thing. I finished Morven's binary scarf, this picture was taken at 7am yesterday morning.

I've also almost finished a hat, which I made last night for Morvens workmate. And I have a couple of other things on the needles at the moment too. I think I might be getting carpal tunnel syndrome or something though, as its starting to hurt when I type, or knit for too long. I will look at getting a wrist rest.


BabyLongLegs said...

That scarf is ace!!!!
Love all your handspun too....the colours on the top one are fab...they all compliment each other perfectly!
Sorry to hear about your Mum being difficult about the car...... :( But if she's happy...?

Anyway...you take care!

Sarah xXx

Senora Fuerte said...

Scarf... Goooood!!
Being out of work... Baaaaad!!

Sorry things are difficult right now. I hope everything settles down for you soon.