25 February 2008

Lots of things...

This weekend we painted the cabin. It took 10L of woodstain, and it will need another 10L for the second coat. Also, its way more expensive that I had hoped, and its gonna be £100 for the lot. I also got paint for the trim and the gutters too.
We bought a sprayer because come on, its 15 x 21 feet around, and 8-12 feet high... It took us most of Saturday and then we ran out of stain and had to get more Sunday morning. And then it rained Sunday afternoon, so there is a bit that still needs painting, but its not really exposed to any elements so it can wait.
Whilst it was raining I spent about 4 hours sweeping. The builders had walked mud through the entire place, all the fresh wood floor was coated, and will most likely need to be sanded down and washed next week before I can stain and finish it. The kitchen cupboards have been butchered by said builders who were too lazy to make the pipes run UNDER the cupboards, and so there is copper and plastic pipework running through every single one of the kitchen cupboards. I have just about stopped swearing about that.
The bathroom sink was fitted backwards? The plug hole was at the front, and the rough side of the ceramic was at the front, with the shiny sides being at the sides and the back. Idiot. The builder also said that the sink waste with the automated plug pusher (stop me if you have no idea what I mean, and I will try and get a photo) wouldn't fit. Strange how it hadn't been taken out of the box then... And who knows, had he fit the sink the right way round, it might have fit! In fact it did! Me and Morven fit it properly.
I bought Vim today and cleaning stuff so I can make a good start next weekend. The electricity should be up and running by next Thursday.

Here is the panic! Today is Monday (pm). Electricity will be in on Thursday. This gives us one week and one day before my mum and sister come to visit, to see where I have lived for the last 18 months, and the cabin that me and Morven have built as our little home away from home. The plan is that we will all stay in the cabin for the weekend....
So one week, and one day to... Buy: Curtains, rails, floor wax/stain, mattress, fridge freezer, shower rails and curtains, food, chairs, cutlery.
Fix up:
Bed, sofa, kitchen cupboard doors, kitchen accessories, tables and cupboards
Cabin (again), walls, floors, tables, chairs, cupboards.

Scary stuff!

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